About Us:  Aloia & Associates

Aloia & Associates is a boutique law firm based in Mount Clemens, Michigan.  While we have established a strong presence in Macomb County, we have also successfully represented a wide range of businesses, lenders, municipalities and individuals in every state and federal court throughout Southeast Michigan.  We have obtained winning results for our clients in the Michigan Court of Appeals, Michigan Supreme Court and Michigan U.S. District Courts.  Our firm has achieved its best results paired against the largest law firms from Michigan and around the Country.  Clients regularly choose us over larger firms because they receive personalized service from our entire legal team.  We have the flexibility to use alternative fee provisions, including retainers, fixed-fees, blended fees and other value-based arrangements which allow us to focus on results, not billable hours.

Call us today at (586) 783-3300 or email us at info@aloia.law to partner with our legal team.

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